MoCap + VR

This gallery highlights 2 projects where motion capture work I helped record and prepare was used together with VR for very specific needs. The MoCap system being used is the Xsens MVN inertial system. The VR system was the Oculus Rift DK2.

The first project shown in the video and gallery was for the department of psychology at the University of Maastricht. They were recording body language reactions for a case study, and wanted VR simulations that participants would interact with or watch – so that they could get more believable data. The first sequence was one of the simulations provided. I acted one of the roles, captured all of the data, rigged one character, and cleaned up all of the animation.

The second project shown was for an interactive advert, to demonstrate a new medical device at a major pharmaceutical convention. Oculus DK2 kits were used, as well as a custom made prototype that allowed for real-time interaction by the user to play through the demo and see all of the products features. I set up and ran everything for the MoCap work, recording directly to Motion builder, and exported all the data for further clean-up by the OUAT team.