Project Gotham Racing 4

[VIDEO WATCHABLE IN HD – 720P – Footage of a Shanghai track]

This is a selection of work I created for Bizarre Creations on Project Gotham Racing 4 (Xbox360 exclusive). I worked as an artist on the track environments – involving the modelling, texturing, placement and testing assets that went next to, or over, the drivable areas. These were assets that were for racing aesthetics such as turn markers; distance gauges; barriers; fencing; crowds and grandstands – not general assets like lamps and dustbins etc. It also included unique assets that crossed the tracks, like the pedestrian bridges in Macau.

The city that was my main responsibility was Shanghai, (video example above), where I worked on all the roadside detail and asset layout. I also worked on the asset layout or asset creation for New York, Tokyo, Quebec and Macau. The majority of the work was done in Maya and Photoshop, along with the Xbox 360 dev kit. All assets use colour maps and specific lighting, rather than lots of individual normal and specular mapping.