Tepins Trial

This project is an internal game prototype under my own company. It was originally developed at the 2012 Global Games Jam – Antwerp, Belgium. I was the leader of the team, coming up with the primary concept; choice of medium and art style; did the primary game design and all the level design; most of the environment and playable platform assets; the sound effects. We ended up winning 3 out the 5 categories: ‘Best Concept’, ‘Best Design’, ‘Best Art’.

One of the things we developed that was unique, was the integration of “Sifteo Cubes”, (at the time, brand new tech out of MiT), and Unity 3D. We used the Sifteo cubes as our HUD and game controls – the full demonstration of which is shown in the video from the Games Jam, (narrated by me). We had 2 levels completed for the Jam – currently for the beta prototype we have 5 level screens – shown in the gallery. All of which have been drawn by me.